Conan: Exiles (XB1, PC)

Conan exiles by Funcom launched on the Xbox game preview earlier this month for the price of $34.99/£30.49, coming from a troubled launch on PC early access earlier this year. Set in the expansive world of Conan the Barbarian we start by creating our character on a cross that they have been placed on, on the edge of the “exiled” lands as punishment for their crimes. Character … Continue reading Conan: Exiles (XB1, PC)

Sonic Mania (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC)

Sonic Mania is the game that promised to bring back the passion of gamers for the fastest blue hedgehog that ever existed. Gambling high on the “nostalgia” factor that the golden age of the 16-bit consoles still holds, the game arrived on Tuesday the 15th of August to virtual stores and shelves worldwide for the low price of £16/$20. Will the blue speedster and his … Continue reading Sonic Mania (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC)

Air Missions: Hind (PC/Xbox)

Air Missions: HIND is an arcade combat flight simulator based on the Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, also known as the “Flying Tank”. Continue reading “Air Missions: Hind (PC/Xbox)”

Crossout (PC, PS4, XB1)

Gaijin Entertainment the award-winning developer, and publisher of War Thunder have teamed up with Targem Games to bring us a new team based MMO called “Crossout. Set in a Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic world players are placed into teams of 8 and placed into a battle arena to fight to the death. This is done with the use of custom vehicles which players can do missions in, … Continue reading Crossout (PC, PS4, XB1)

Review: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (IOS, Android)

  Wow, a new Pokemon game on mobile! Let’s face it, after Pokemon Go we’re all waiting to see what would be the next game in the Pokemon franchise mobile domination plans. So this should be something special to keep up with Pokemon Go’s hype right? Let’s have a look. This is all about Magikarp who would have guessed with that title. Is it an endless … Continue reading Review: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (IOS, Android)

Review: Prey (XB1, PS4, PC)

So where to begin with Prey, a new title made by Arkane studios for Bethesda. Prey is set seemingly at first on Earth but later transpires to be a space station named Talos 1 in orbit around the moon. You assume the role of Morgan Yu (male, or female the choice is yours) where you begin your journey awakening from a slumber on March 15th 2032. Continue reading “Review: Prey (XB1, PS4, PC)”

Review: Planetbase (Xbox One, PC)

May 3rd marks the release date of Planetbase. A little-known game by Madruga Works has hit the Xbox One Marketplace 2 years after its debut on Steam. Madruga Works is comprised of 5 members, 2 of which have worked for EA/Criterion Games, and Ubisoft so there is some pedigree behind the title. The game is a base building/management simulator set in space. The player has … Continue reading Review: Planetbase (Xbox One, PC)

Darksiders 3 story details and screenshots leaked by Amazon UPDATE: Trailer released by IGN

So it has transpired that Amazon have “done goofed” again by posting a product listing for Darksiders 3 which is set for release in 2018, and hasn’t even been announced by THQ Nordic yet!

Continue reading “Darksiders 3 story details and screenshots leaked by Amazon UPDATE: Trailer released by IGN”

Review: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (XB1, PS4, PC)

Sniper: Ghost warrior 3 will never be mistaken for game of the year. It’s shamelessly derivative, particularly of the Sniper Elite and Far Cry series. The story is terrible even by the standards of video games. The music is so awful the game literally has the hero turn off the radio and complain about it. However, this soon becomes a distant thought when you are shooting terrorists in the face from 300 yards away.

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