Hue (PC, PS4, XB1) Review

Hue is a puzzle platform game that is both mechanically creative and simplistic to maneuver.

It was developed by Fiddlesticks and released in August 2016. Indie games don’t have the financial backing like AAA games, but Fiddlesticks still produced a great quality game.

Hue is unique because it uses something as basic as colors to advance you from one level to another. You receive a color wheel at the beginning. The color wheel helps you to complete puzzles within each level. The different colors and the puzzles work in tandem to give you a fun experience playing with the mechanics the game offers.

Though Hue is simple to maneuver, the beginning of the narrative is not. This is because the relationships between the characters are unclear. However, once you advance levels, the characters’ significance reveals itself. This progression improves the experience for its players.

Finally, the peaceful piano soundtrack, beautiful colors, and minimal glitches enhance the gameplay experience. For an indie game that’s under $20, you’re getting more for less. Fiddlesticks sets the bar high.




Hue Trailer

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