Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch)

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus starts with a brief recap of the The New Order‘s events, and then picks up directly where the new order left off.  We last saw BJ Blazkowicz bleeding out, directly in the path of a bombing run on a Deathsheads compound.  Luckily, BJ is saved in the nick of time by his comrades, and they then continue their plans for revolution. More so than ever, Wolfenstein puts its characters in the forefront, emphasizing their personal struggles. This rings truest for BJ himself, as The New Colossus dives into his childhood and upbringing, and shows us the horrors that shaped the man we’ve known since 1992’s release of Wolfenstein 3D.

A young BJ getting told girl advice by his mother.

Because of the terrible nature of a story about Nazi oppression, Wolfenstein 2 deals with some very heavy topics. Things like racism, xenophobia, and overall pure hatred are on display. The game has plenty of unsavory dialogue but manages to handle it in an appropriate way. Unlike the relentless violence against the Nazi regime, Wolfenstein 2 handles its darker topics with a noticeable care and thoughtfulness.  It never tries to glorify suffering, but rather tells a harrowing cautionary tale by not avoiding it.  That being said, Wolfenstein 2 goes to some insane places overall, and it does not hold back when depicting violence or gore.  Some scenes are unsettling at times. The game will make you hate the villains with a passion, empathize with the most unlikely of characters, and draw significant emotion. For an fps about killing as many Nazis as possible, that’s an achievement.

Ku Klux Klan being told that they are butchering the German language and need to learn it properly or face execution.

You’ll take on missions in a pretty linear fashion, although the game does have side quests, collectibles, and numerous end game content to pursue.  The missions and environments are crafted very well, but the games core concept rarely wavers.  Kill nazis… a lot of nazis. Where Wolfenstein 2 succeeds is in player choice, and rewarding the player regardless of play style. Despite being built around fast-paced shooting action, the game contains a decent amount of stealth mechanics and a variety of gun options.  The Perk system also rewards you for playing how you like, so you will never feel underpowered for choosing a certain play style. For example, killing enemies while in stealth will lead to faster crouched movement speed.  Alternatively, duel wielding kills give you extra ammo capacity.


That being said Wolfenstein’s campaign is short but highly story driven this gives you the sense that there will be more in the form of either another game or DLC. This game has made me laugh even want to cry at parts the storytelling is amazing and its all supported by great voice acting and visually stunning environments this has been one of my most highly anticipated games this year and its safe to say its delivered well a must buy for sure.



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