Cuphead (PC/XB1)

When I used to think about white hot rage in gaming I would always think back to some of those early NES titles that seemed impossible to beat as a 8 year old kid with the patience of an 80 year old man who just wants the nursing home orderly to stop stealing his peppermint patties. Nowadays? Well…I think about Cuphead.

Cuphead is a unique title for a couple of reasons. Namely it brings back the insanely difficult platforms of yesteryear. It also features some of the best art and music I have seen in any game for a long, long time. While yes, in a way it is a simplistic callback to the cartoons of the 1930’s, but in a lot of ways its revolutionary.


The art department for Cuphead painstakingly recreated, by hand, the same animation style cartoonists used during this time period. Which is no small feat considering how much easier it may have been to create everything digitally. I, for one, am glad that they took the classic route as it shows the love and dedication with every frame of animation throughout the tough boss battles.

The game is broken into a few parts, the main story line of the game requires to you to basically fight in over the top boss battles. There are smaller levels such as run ‘n gun or fighting ghosts or some such. It breaks everything up into a very nicely balanced rage fest. So if you get tired of dying over 9000 times in one board, you can always choose another one.

Cuphead_OverWorld.jpgThe over-world of the game is another wonderful feature of the game as it immediately reminded us of a few NES/SNES classics that we haven’t thought about in some time. So not only does it call back to the 1930’s but it also calls to the 1990’s.

Overall this is a title that no one should skip. It will keep you going even though your brain is telling you to stop, your body cannot put the controller down. I kid about it being rage inducing, its a fantastic title that deserves all of the praise it’s been getting.

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