F1 2017 (PS4, XB1, PC)


It’s day one of the Melbourne Grand Prix and newcomer Spartan Dave makes his debut here in practice 1. He takes to the track in his Mercedes to run tests set for him by his race engineers, first up is learning the track. Mid way through the flying lap he thinks all is going well he’s learnt most of the corners then out of nowhere Vettel in his Ferrari slams into the side of him, and that’s it, Spartan Dave is forced to drop out of the practice session. Practice 2, and Spartan Dave is confident he will smash his one again more tests from the engineers this time managing the tires and fuel. Spartan (as he thought) crushed it finishing in the top 3 for practice 2. Now on to the one shot qualifying, and Spartan is nervous his F1 career hinges on his performance out here today. Again he smashes it setting a blistering time of 1:33:256 securing pole position.

This is it Race day at Albert park lake in Melbourne engineers are giving Spartan’s car the once over everything is good it’s time, Spartan stares down those 5 glistening red light anticipating the greens then, bam, the race has started but Spartan Dave doesn’t move. His training failed him as he forgets how to use the clutch on the start line. He figures it out in the end then starts to make up the pace. 6 laps into a 15 lap race Spartan nears turn 6 then out of nowhere a three car pile up on the corner. As he snakes his way through to take 7th place, he pushes the car to it’s limits. He has to catch his rivals when a stroke of luck has appeared. His rivals need to take a pit stop! Lucky for Spartan as he pitted the previous lap without incident. Now he’s in 1st again with just 8 laps to go. As time passes it’s now the final lap and Vettel has caught up to Spartan. Can spartan hold out until the checkered flag last 3 turns? The gap is now 2 seconds, and there it is! The checkered flag waves, and Spartan Dave has become the youngest ever driver to win the Melbourne Grand Prix next race, Shanghai.

F1 2017 by Codemasters is a fully licensed simulator of the sport allowing players to become a driver for their favourite team. With modes such as career mode, the player takes control of their favorite team in the season. Throughout the season the player will also take part in pre-practice sessions as well as qualifying and the race at every track that the f1 season holds (as you saw by my first race).

Practice starts, and your crew have set you goals to complete in the session time limit of 30 minutes. These consist of learning the track, tire, and fuel management as well as recording the fastest lap possible. This is all well, and good but the game doesn’t really have a tutorial. It just throws you into it so if (like me) you didn’t read the controls first you may find yourself stalling in the start line.

Post race and your agent hands you a contract for invitational events.

After completing the race your agent sets you up with an avid collector of old cars, and he is in need of a driver. The agent then invites you to partake in private invitational events pitting you against other drivers in these classic cars. At the end of any race the player will earn respect points that they can put towards R&D for their car improving performance and handling.

Spending points earned in races helps to research and develop better upgrades.

All in all if you are not an avid fan, or supporter of the sport the game can get quite monotonous. It doesn’t have enough of a “wow” factor to hold your attention longer than a couple of races. Even with its tedious qualities, the game makes for an awesome party title to pit you, and some friends together to square off, and solidify some well-hidden rivalries.

To learn more about F1 2017, and Codemasters head HERE

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