Conan: Exiles (XB1, PC)


Conan exiles by Funcom launched on the Xbox game preview earlier this month for the price of $34.99/£30.49, coming from a troubled launch on PC early access earlier this year.

Set in the expansive world of Conan the Barbarian we start by creating our character on a cross that they have been placed on, on the edge of the “exiled” lands as punishment for their crimes. Character creation gives us many options to play around with including (and probably the best setting) adjusting the size of the character’s assets (breast/penis size) which depending on server settings can be visible to all.

Conan Exiles (Game Preview) (4)
Character creation has many options for you to mess around with.

Once your character has been created it is then saved from death by none other than Conan himself. Leaving you with no water, and all but a loincloth in the middle of the desert. You have to make your way further into the lush oasis of the exiled lands here is where the game really starts. Starting from scratch you have to craft and kill your way through the game gaining XP to level up. Every level sees you get some attribute points to “buff” your character up with while also allowing you to learn new recipes for crafting either building supplies, weapons, or crafting stations that offer better offensive/defensive gear.

As you go about your way being the barbarian that you’ve always wanted to be, you start to stumble across little NPC camps that have a variety of traits. These traits include blacksmiths, fighters, and dancers. These characters can be killed and looted, or at character level 10 you will get the basic gear you need to turn these NPCs into thralls. of your own who can work at your crafting stations offering you even better gear.

The world is vast and has vast amounts of dangers. Certain areas which mainly consist of dungeons will cause the character to gain corruption. Corruption lowers, and caps your max health and stamina. This can be removed by watching a dancer that you have converted. Also littered throughout the world are ruins of the past that have been occupied by other exiles. Amongst these ruins are dungeons offering a different challenge to players with a boss at the end of each one offering high end crafting materials and recipes.


Conan Exiles (Game Preview)
Ruins are scattered throughout the exiled lands.

With the release on Xbox One game preview system, we see for the first time on console the ability to rent a server from an external company other than Microsoft. G-portal has partnered with Funcom to exclusively host purchasable private servers for £16/$20 giving you access to all the server settings in game. Even with all its problems like the forced exits to the dashboard, the random disconnects from servers, and some bugs in the game with NPC’s being invisible. This title has a lot of promise, and Funcom are putting patches through certification as fast as they can. For die hard fans of the Conan Universe this game will be a satisfying iteration in the franchise. The development team at Funcom are doing an awesome job, and I absolutely love this game and highly recommend the purchase once those aforementioned bugs are fixed.

For more information about Conan: Exiles go HERE


One thought on “Conan: Exiles (XB1, PC)

  1. Definitely looks like a fun game, I shall be picking it up once all the patches are out and it works more efficiently. Still alot of bugs in it but with a game of this size it is bound to happen as it does with most game like this.

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