Crossout (PC, PS4, XB1)

Gaijin Entertainment the award-winning developer, and publisher of War Thunder have teamed up with Targem Games to bring us a new team based MMO called “Crossout.

Set in a Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic world players are placed into teams of 8 and placed into a battle arena to fight to the death. This is done with the use of custom vehicles which players can do missions in, can upgrade, and add to.


Speaking of upgrading, once players have enough pieces of scrap earned from playing in battles; players can then use the in-depth builder to add structure and weapons to the pre-built vehicles. The build system is clunky at times especially on console, using the analog sticks to move an item in 3d space whilst moving the camera was difficult.

Crossout (2).png

This game for me felt too much like all Gaijin Entertainment have done is copy and paste their tank combat out of War Thunder, and added the crafting system. Many times I saw myself facing the wrong way after driving at top speed and turning. This made me not want to play the game because it was constantly happening, and I ended up raging. Compared to its previous success, Gaijin Entertainment have unfortunately failed to capture the same energy, and excitement that War Thunder had.


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