Review: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (IOS, Android)


Wow, a new Pokemon game on mobile! Let’s face it, after Pokemon Go we’re all waiting to see what would be the next game in the Pokemon franchise mobile domination plans. So this should be something special to keep up with Pokemon Go’s hype right? Let’s have a look.


This is all about Magikarp who would have guessed with that title. Is it an endless runner? No, but it’s a stark reminder of the Tamagotchi era giving you control of the upbringing of a Magikarp caught by you. After catching your Magikarp it will be placed in your pond where you must swipe/tap the screen to feed the little blighter, and increase his jp (jump points) after you have fed him you can then train him/her to further increase the height it can jump.

Now you’ve fed the blighter, and trained him. Now what? Well, now you can take on the leagues! Leagues are essentially gym battles against other trainers only you don’t fight you just try and jump higher than the other trainer. If you win you advance to the next round. Lose and that’s it, your Magikarp that you spent so long feeding and training will be forced to retire, and you will have to start all over again. this will also happen if you finish a league too.


To alleviate the time it takes to feed/train your Magikarp the Pokemon Company offers in-app purchases of gold coins, and diamonds. You can earn both forms of currency at a steady rate. these can then be used to purchase/upgrade new food stuff and training regimes thus giving you more jp per item. Also purchasable are Pokemon buddies, and decorations that sit beside and in your pool. These decorations give your Magikarp encouragement and aid in its quest for jp.


This app sunk its teeth into my inner child that yearns for more Pokemon games. Be it mobile, or otherwise. Even though this game is lacking in content it still has the power to captivate me with its throwback music from the early days of Pokemon. Stealing every free moment of my time to care for my little Magikarp. I hope the Pokemon company can build on this, and bring us more content in the future.

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