Shadow Warrior 2 (XB1, PS4, PC)

Shadow Warrior 2 released last year on PC and now almost 1 year later been released digitally on both XB1, and PS4. Right now there is an offer for the game on XB1, and PS4. You can get the game for half the price with a free copy of Shadow Warrior 1.


Like its predecessor, Shadow Warrior 2’s core gameplay feels rooted in the days of games such as Quake 2, Duke Nukem, Half Life, and Serious Sam. This is by no means a bad thing with all its witty one-liners, and intense slash and shoot gameplay. Also ever present is an insane  gore factor, and Shadow Warriors intense 4 player full campaign co-op, Its developer Flying Wild Hog have done a wonderful job of showing us what FPS games have been missing since the 90’s, It’s just a shame that the appeal wears off after a few hours.


Fans of the 1997 original or 2013 remake will know the basics. You play as Lo Wang a smart mouthed ninja assassin set in a world where pseudo-Chinese fantasy meets triad dramas. The plot kicks off when the daughter of a triad crime boss becomes possessed whilst undercover at an evil corporations science lab. After a rescue mounted by Lo wang ensues, a magician removes the girl’s soul from her body and places her inside your head. This event will fuel even more anecdotes and one-liners. Now together, the two must work together to get her back to her body, and put an end to the evil corporations work they accomplish this by doing various missions.


At least that’s what I think happens- after a few hours I found it was getting very repetitive and my attention waned. This game is not worth the £54.99 that will be charged after the initial launch sale. For me, it got too repetitive too quick thus making the game dare I say it boring.

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