Review: Prey (XB1, PS4, PC)

So where to begin with Prey, a new title made by Arkane studios for Bethesda. Prey is set seemingly at first on Earth but later transpires to be a space station named Talos 1 in orbit around the moon. You assume the role of Morgan Yu (male, or female the choice is yours) where you begin your journey awakening from a slumber on March 15th 2032.

You answer your comms, and it’s your brother talking to you about your first day at the Transtar Company. After a short helicopter ride you arrive at Transtar HQ to partake in some aptitude tests, and here’s where the game truly kicks off. Transtar is using Typhon genes to engineer neuro mods to modify the human physiology, but it goes wrong and the Typhons escape containment. 

Moving past the tutorial is where the true elements of the game kick in. I found myself walking slowly around the station trying not to be scared by the sudden appearance of mimic typhons that can emulate any object in the game world. After finding a physcoscope you can then scan the typhons and learn what makes them tick. You are able to discover their weaknesses, immunities, and also learn new neuromods. Those neuromods are based on the physiology of the Typhon you scanned. I learned to mimic and the ability to choose any random object to morph into is really fun.


The crafting system in the game is fun too, finding a recycler you can convert all the trash you have picked up along the way into vital basic ingredients.These ingredients can then be used in a fabricator to well fabricate any fabrication plan you have found.

Later into the game fabricators and recyclers become few and far between so it’s best to stock up early game and search around for plans, I made the mistake of not searching and when I really needed an item late game that I should have found I didn’t have it and struggled through the area.

Prey (4).png

This is my most highly anticipated game of the year so far and I can honestly say I am impressed, Arkane studios have managed to blend elements from Bioshock and Deadspace seamlessly with the main storyline being very in depth with so much lore to collect throughout,the structure of the game could have been a little bit more thought out by trying to get rid of the loading screens between every area of Talos, but even with this the heightened sense of fear given off by the main enemy of the game keeps me engaged that and I just love a good jump scare. I would seriously recommend this game to anyone who was a fan of Bioshock and Deadspace.

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