Twin Saga – Massively Multiplayer, Massively Refreshing – (PC)

Twin Saga is a free to play MMORPG developed by X-Legend, and published by Aeria Games. Publisher of some other solid showings such as Ragnarok Online 2, and Stronghold Kingdoms. Aeria Games has another unique title to add to their repertoire with the release of Twin Saga. The concepts, gorgeous aesthetics and gameplay elements that make Twin Saga stand out, however, are truly refreshing in a world where MMO’s are ruling the gaming landscape. Aside from the free to play model, this game packs a punch, and leaves you wanting to play more.

Released originally in beta in North America in September of 2016, and now in full commercial release as of April 12th 2017. Twin Saga has gained a sizeable following, and has been updated considerably since its initial release. Some of the core elements of Twin Saga are what make it stand out the most in a genre that is unfortunately bloated. Most notably in the ability to switch your characters class on the fly. This means that the player can adapt their play-style to suit any situation the game throws at them. This adds a considerable amount of depth to Twin Saga, and keeps the game fresh throughout your journey.


The story is both simple at times, and strangely complex in others. You arrive to a lush, and gorgeous island, a wary traveler summoned to assist with the destruction of various monsters, and tasked with the restoration of safety for the citizens. The ensuing endeavor sets the stage for a truly epic struggle between good, and evil. Two twins brimming with power, one fighting for good, the other fighting for evil. Events will unfold that will thrust the hero, now backed by the power of the virtuous twin Marisa into a struggle that will shake the foundation of the game world forever.


Aesthetics are something Twin Saga displays in spades. The beautiful game world is filled with vibrant colors, and lush environments all packed neatly in large varying areas. The character designs are also well modeled, and quite easy on the eyes. There is most definitely no shortage of anime inspired character designs, and emoting. The dialogue is also very well written, and never seems to leave any questions unanswered. The voice acting however is still missing most English dubbing, but this is something quickly overlooked after about 10 minutes of playtime.

Free to play models can be tricky when it comes to MMORPGs, and Twin Saga doesn’t make it a secret that there are many microtransactions to be made. The difference here is that the items, and other elements from the microtransaction system don’t break the game in any way. Too often free to play systems give sizable advantages to players with fatter wallets. Twin saga doesn’t make it so players who decide to pay will ultimately win the game. Part of the fun of an MMO is the grind, but having the ability to speed level a character is not necessarily a bad thing.

Other than the minor annoyance of microtransactions, the game is a massive joy to play. Even for myself, a gamer who is not an MMO focused player. Twin Saga is both compelling, and addicting. Finding the grinding to level-up not a slog, but rather an enjoyable satisfying experience. The unique ability to switch character class on the fly also adds a level of replayability that kept even a weary player like myself engaged for hours. I would recommend this game to anyone with a love for anime style, and fun engaging combat.

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