Review: Planetbase (Xbox One, PC)

May 3rd marks the release date of Planetbase. A little-known game by Madruga Works has hit the Xbox One Marketplace 2 years after its debut on Steam. Madruga Works is comprised of 5 members, 2 of which have worked for EA/Criterion Games, and Ubisoft so there is some pedigree behind the title.

The game is a base building/management simulator set in space. The player has to work their way building bases on four planets each one with varying degrees of difficulty. The game starts on a mars like planet where the player is given the command of 7 colonists and 2 robotic helpers. Your goal is to build a sustainable base on the planet so that other colonists will arrive from space via landing ships.


Management of controlling food, water, and electricity can be tricky to master but once you do it becomes a little easier. As the base becomes larger you will need to add buildings that produce resources such as mining, and fabrication factories.

The addition of environmental elements is also a surprising feature. At one point I had gotten my base up and running, then “BAM”, asteroid out of nowhere destroys my power generator. These elements can also be harnessed too. Once you get to a stormy planet you can place lightning rods, and store the electrical charge generated by lightning strikes. Also included are challenge levels designed to test your knowledge of the game, giving you limited resources to complete an end goal.


All in all its a fun little simulation, (if you can get it right) and as the steam version is constantly receiving updates and beta releases of new content I hope that the Xbox version receives the same love and attention.

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