Stellaris: Utopia Expansion Review

It is the year 2200 something, you have been charged with safeguarding the continued existence of the human race. A catastrophic mass extinction event looms over Earth and it is up to you to look to the stars for salvation. You must use your tenacity and wit to ensure we do not parish. To the stars Chancellor!

Stellaris is a deep strategy game that uses the infinite dark of the unknown as its core mechanic. Explore, Mine, and find habitable planets. Once you do that you must ensure the survival of those colonists and create systems of government to gain various perks, create space stations in alien systems for faster responses to hostile attacks.

In the expansion Utopia, the addition of Traditions adds to the list of perks. You can select from traditions in Expansion, Domination, Prosperity, harmony, Supremacy, Diplomacy, and Discovery. Each with its own attributes depending on your playstyle. Are you a warmonger? Do you want humanity to shed its old ways of conquering and enslavement. Or you can embrace the diplomacy that merged the Earth’s nations in a singular goal of exploration and embrace alien culture and form alliances.

When they describe this game as a ‘grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core.’, Paradox Interactive was not exaggerating. The exploration aspect alone for the game is extremely massive. When you start a new game you are also able to set the scale of the galaxy in the event you don’t want to spend several life times trying to find more planets to mine power units from.

If you are into space exploration games and strategy games this will help to sooth those urges to colonize the known (and unknown) galaxy. It is incredibly in depth and caters to different attitudes and playstyles that will appease almost anyone.

Stellaris: Utopia is a fantastic addition to an already stellar (yup…) game. Stellaris is available on Steam for $39.99.

This review is done in partnership with our lovely friends over at Rebel Gaming!

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