Darksiders 3 story details and screenshots leaked by Amazon UPDATE: Trailer released by IGN

So it has transpired that Amazon have “done goofed” again by posting a product listing for Darksiders 3 which is set for release in 2018, and hasn’t even been announced by THQ Nordic yet!

The listing includes story (and screenshots shown below) details explaining that you will play as Fury a female rider from the four horsemen. Her main weapon will be a whip that she will use to gain power and transform into alternate beings. She is also a mage and must utilise both magic and weaponry to keep the balance between good and evil by fighting the 7 deadly sins and their servants.


THQ Nordic formerly Nordic games until they acquired THQ have recently remastered both Darksiders and Darksiders 2 and with this new instalment it’s nice to see them sticking with the franchise. The world is going to be a post apocalyptic free roam with fury having to go between heaven, hell and earth which have been ruined by war and decay to complete her tasks.

dark 7

Current placeholder date on the listing states 31st December 2018. Eurogamer asked THQ Nordic for a response, and all they were told is expect a reveal soon.


IGN dropped a reveal trailer given to them by THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games, which you can find HERE

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