Review: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (XB1, PS4, PC)

Sniper: Ghost warrior 3 will never be mistaken for game of the year. It’s shamelessly derivative, particularly of the Sniper Elite and Far Cry series. The story is terrible even by the standards of video games. The music is so awful the game literally has the hero turn off the radio and complain about it. However, this soon becomes a distant thought when you are shooting terrorists in the face from 300 yards away.

The story takes place in Georgia after a short prologue set on the Russian-Ukrainian border retrieving some nasty cold war era bio weapons from the terrorists (it all goes wrong and your brother is seemingly killed in a game of Russian roulette.)

Two years later, you uncover evidence he’s alive, and pursue him. Yeah, that’s it that’s the story. Which you can, and most likely will, gleefully ignore in favor of sneaking up on the game’s generic foes and stabbing them. Shooting them from behind with your sidearm, or by finding a perch with your sniper rifle and cleanly blowing their brains out. A perfect headshot even lands you a tasty bullet tracking killcam which tends to get boring really quickly.

The games sniper sim elements, which are particularly tough, but rewarding to master on its hardest setting, are really the key draw here. You have to set your elevator, consider drop and wind-speed, and then pull the trigger at just the right time. Or, if you want to screw around, you can blow up barrels enemies are standing next to, set nasty traps for them to blunder into, or just sneak up on them and hit them with a frag grenade while they’re bunched up.

There are some deeper flaws that might be a deal breaker. The multiplayer has yet to be included with the game and will be uploaded at a later date. The graphics are ok considering the game is running on the Cryengine. The tutorial only shows you the movement and shooting mechanics but shows you nothing of the crafting mechanics it just leaves you to figure it out yourself, The load times are somewhat long too once I had pressed start to begin the game there was a further 10-15 minutes of loading which for a next gen FPS is a bit too much And the open world setting, while solidly executed, is really a lateral move for this franchise. It’s nice to be able to plan your attack out from multiple angles, of course, but there was no need to include the massive amounts of driving to and from the hideout.

The simulation feel to the game is a big draw to me, although the game needs work it has the potential to be one of the best shooters this year, but it needs some work to bring it to the standard of its predecessors. All in all I would recommend holding off purchasing Sniper: Ghost warrior 3 until most of the serious bugs have been worked out.

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