Review: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (IOS, Android)

  Wow, a new Pokemon game on mobile! Let’s face it, after Pokemon Go we’re all waiting to see what would be the next game in the Pokemon franchise mobile domination plans. So this should be something special to keep up with Pokemon Go’s hype right? Let’s have a look. This is all about Magikarp who would have guessed with that title. Is it an endless … Continue reading Review: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (IOS, Android)

Review: Prey (XB1, PS4, PC)

So where to begin with Prey, a new title made by Arkane studios for Bethesda. Prey is set seemingly at first on Earth but later transpires to be a space station named Talos 1 in orbit around the moon. You assume the role of Morgan Yu (male, or female the choice is yours) where you begin your journey awakening from a slumber on March 15th 2032. Continue reading “Review: Prey (XB1, PS4, PC)”

Twin Saga – Massively Multiplayer, Massively Refreshing – (PC)

Twin Saga is a free to play MMORPG developed by X-Legend, and published by Aeria Games. Publisher of some other solid showings such as Ragnarok Online 2, and Stronghold Kingdoms. Aeria Games has another unique title to add to their repertoire with the release of Twin Saga. The concepts, gorgeous aesthetics and gameplay elements that make Twin Saga stand out, however, are truly refreshing in a world where MMO’s are ruling the gaming landscape. Aside from the free to play model, this game packs a punch, and leaves you wanting to play more. Continue reading “Twin Saga – Massively Multiplayer, Massively Refreshing – (PC)”

Review: Planetbase (Xbox One, PC)

May 3rd marks the release date of Planetbase. A little-known game by Madruga Works has hit the Xbox One Marketplace 2 years after its debut on Steam. Madruga Works is comprised of 5 members, 2 of which have worked for EA/Criterion Games, and Ubisoft so there is some pedigree behind the title. The game is a base building/management simulator set in space. The player has … Continue reading Review: Planetbase (Xbox One, PC)

Review: Shovel Knight Specter of Torment (3DS)

Prequels are notorious for not fulfilling the greatness of the source material. They can appear to retroactively tarnish what was otherwise an outstanding original story. Yacht Club Games’ second DLC for their charming “Kickstarter darling,” Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, isn’t one of those prequels. It’s a story that iterates on what made the original great, while simultaneously adding ideas that feel like a fresh change. Continue reading “Review: Shovel Knight Specter of Torment (3DS)”

Stellaris: Utopia Expansion Review

It is the year 2200 something, you have been charged with safeguarding the continued existence of the human race. A catastrophic mass extinction event looms over Earth and it is up to you to look to the stars for salvation. You must use your tenacity and wit to ensure we do not parish. To the stars Chancellor!

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Darksiders 3 story details and screenshots leaked by Amazon UPDATE: Trailer released by IGN

So it has transpired that Amazon have “done goofed” again by posting a product listing for Darksiders 3 which is set for release in 2018, and hasn’t even been announced by THQ Nordic yet!

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Review: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (XB1, PS4, PC)

Sniper: Ghost warrior 3 will never be mistaken for game of the year. It’s shamelessly derivative, particularly of the Sniper Elite and Far Cry series. The story is terrible even by the standards of video games. The music is so awful the game literally has the hero turn off the radio and complain about it. However, this soon becomes a distant thought when you are shooting terrorists in the face from 300 yards away.

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