A Slightly Original Conversation: Heliborne Community Manager Anthony Keeton

One of the best parts about going to conventions like PAX East is meeting all of the great people. Those same people are the ones that keep the video game industry that we know, and love, functioning like a well oiled machine. Anthony Keeton of JetCat Games falls into that category tenfold. Answering e-mails, making contact with Heliborne’s Community, or sending out press releases. He is an absolute industry superstar.

This week Scott, and I had a chance to sit down with Anthony Keeton, the community manager from JetCat Games, and talk about game communities, game development, how to be a community manager, and about JetCat’s new game Heliborne!

If you’d like to know more about the game make sure to check out JetCats website, and also check out the Heliborne Steam page. Make sure to give them follow on their Twitter as well!

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