Review: Dark Souls 3 – Ashes of Ariandel (PC, DLC)

The harsh landscapes you have already tread have been solid for the most part, swamps aside. The abrupt atmosphere change as soon as you walk out of the cave where you are warped to start this new journey is a shock. The wind bellows, snow is falling, the cold ground under your feet crunches as you light the first bonfire set out before you. It doesn’t take long, though, before you come face to face with exactly what this new world has planned for you. Sticking with the series theme of whatever way you hadn’t thought of that it could get worse, Dark Souls had, and it is already hunting you.

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Review: Dark Souls 3 (PC)

Most gamers, if not all of them by now, have heard of the Dark Souls series. The reputation for it’s brutal gameplay, the massive boss fights, and the phrase that in order to progress at all you need to ‘git gud’.

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A Slightly Original Conversation: Heliborne Community Manager Anthony Keeton

One of the best parts about going to conventions like PAX East is meeting all of the great people. Those same people are the ones that keep the video game industry that we know, and love, functioning like a well oiled machine. Anthony Keeton of JetCat Games falls into that category tenfold. Answering e-mails, making contact with Heliborne’s Community, or sending out press releases. He is an absolute industry superstar.

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Beta First Impressions: 5 Minutes Rage

Picture it, you’re sitting in the basement of your parents house. It’s 1999, and Super Smash Brothers has just released for the Nintendo 64.  The couch cooperative gaming climate is currently at the peak of it’s popularity. The glow from the television radiates off of your cheese-dust covered lips, and hazy bloodshot eyes. It’s 2 in the morning, and your parents have long been asleep. You’ve been playing for 6 hours now, why quit? Continue reading “Beta First Impressions: 5 Minutes Rage”